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Bus Shelter Network

JCDecaux Cityscape owns exclusive rights to all Bus Shelters across Hong Kong Island.  Our high-density network with 300+ Bus Shelters powerfully interact with the city residents and tourists alike. The shelters are strategically located across Hong Kong’s CBD and most sought after retail locations. They also intercept the harder-to-reach out-of-home audiences in high-end residential areas.

PP Network in Admiralty

Digital Frame Network

45 brand new 75" Full High Definition screens are located in 4 prime districts including Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. Smart scheduling is applied to maximize the reach of relevant demographic or lifestyle groups.   Its capability for delivering contextually relevant content – smart content can bring advertisers a deeper engagement with their audience, increasing awareness, recall and perception. 

Target Segments

Our Bus Shelter Networks are tailored to deliver the highest reach of relevant demographic or lifestyle groups. 

Business Elite | Millennial
Family | Student
Target 360
Audi Q5 meets Business Elite through Bus Shelter Advertising
The Première Panels are located in CBD and high-end residential areas and high vehicular traffic roads including Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Mid-Levels and Repulse Bay etc.

Shelter Domination

JCDecaux Cityscape gives brands the possibility to dominate an entire shelter or boldly own an array of shelters.  Shelter Domination delivers significant visual impact and unmissable exposure to fascinate passersby. 

The strategic location of shelter dominations offers advertisers to target different demographic groups including millennials, business elites.

Turkish Airlines Unveils New Elegant Style Cabin Uniforms with Supreme Domination
In celebration of 85 successful years, Turkish Airlines has owned a Supreme Domination along Chater Road in Central to unveil a fresh look with a new uniform specially designed for its cabin crew. 

Digital Bus Shelter Domination

Two JCDecaux Cityscape’s Digital Dominations are located at high traffic location nearby SOGO in Causeway Bay.  The dominations are outfitted with three 75” HD touch screens which allow advertisers to apply interactive game, video and image flow to showcase the brands and products in a lively way.  
WeLend unveils Raising Credit Rating Challenge at JCDecaux Cityscape’s First-ever Digital Domination
To highlight the new consumer benefit “raising credit rating” of its A.I Balance Transfer product,  WeLend has launched the first Digital Domination Bus Shelter campaign with an interactive game in Causeway Bay. 

Creative Shelter

JCDecaux Innovate is dedicated to the creation of bespoke outdoor solutions tailored to achieving our client's advertising objectives. We will take a marketing objective from its concept to an on-street reality.  Our innovate campaigns delight people in their city journey and help advertisers to create strong marketing impact.  Explore for more initiatives here! Tell us your next wild idea. 


The abundance of bus transportation and high footfall areas make Bus Shelter a cost-efficient and impactful medium. With the popularity of selfie, we transformed Bus Shelter into a visual & aromatic sensorial selfie photo booth to interact with our target audience. The creative execution fits perfectly with the unique selling proposition of our product. Colgate-Palmolive (HK) Ltd

Advertising Formats

 The Shelter Network comprises myriads of advertising formats to meet with every customised need.
  • Bus_Shelter_Flagship_Domination_Ad_Format

    Flagship Domination

  • Bus_Shelter_Première_Panel_Ad_Format

    Première Panel

  • Bus_Shelter_Scrolling_Première_Panel_Ad_Format

    Scrolling Première Panel

  •  Bus_Shelter_Première_Panel_Plus_Ad_Format

    Première Panel Plus

  • Bus_Shelter_Digital_Frame_Ad_Format

    Digital Frame

  • Bus_Shelter_4-Sheet_Panel_Ad_Format

    4-Sheet Panel

  • Bus_Shelter_Mega_Panel_Ad_Format

    Mega Panel

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