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Iconic Image

Established in 1904, tramcar is regarded as a historical icon of Hong Kong and has been serving the city for 117 years.

In 2006, we first introduced the advertising concept – “Icons of Hong Kong’” for Trams, and today, we have successfully transformed the medium to a truly attractive and accountable one. The whole tram advertising format bolsters brand presence in prime business and shopping areas. It is widely perceived to be stylish, chic and prestigious.

Alexander McQueen Unveils Global Graffiti Campaign in Hong Kong with Tramcar Parade
To promote the new McQueen Graffiti, British fashion house Alexander McQueen turns Hong Kong into its stage by running an avant-garde Tramcar Parade through the heart of the city.
McQueen Graffiti Tramcar Parade Campaign at The Galleria

Prime Routing

140 Tramcars run through the city corridor along Hong Kong Island at least 15 times per day to deliver high visibility with superior value.  Tramcar Advertising reaches sophisticated consumers effectively as it connects the key commercial and shopping areas with surrounding residential districts on HK Island.

OpenRice launched unprecedented High SOV Tramcar campaign to promote their Takeaway Service
Representing 10 percent of the total Tramcar inventory, OpenRice is guaranteed 210 pan-island journeys each day with its 14 Tramcars impressing passers-by in the CBD and residential areas such as Causeway Bay, Wan Chai and Central.

Bright Ring Tramcar

Icons of Hong Kong are now illuminated.  The Trams with LED panels run through the bustling CBD on Hong Kong Island to shine your brand.  Ad messages are even more visible and eye-catching at night, standing out on the most recognizable moving icons on the streets of Hong Kong.

THE KARL LAGERFELD MACAU marks its Grand Celebration with Bright Ring Tramcars
SJM boldly owned six Bright Ring Tramcars in Hong Kong to generate buzz and anticipation for THE KARL LAGERFELD MACAU’s grand celebration. 

ADventure Tramcar

JCDecaux Cityscape transforms the Icons of Hong Kong to unparalleled event platform – Adventure Tramcar. It is developed exclusively for brands to create engaging experience to their target audience.  ADventure Tramcar campaign effectively gain lots of awareness and become talk of the town. 

Dyson unveils Air-Purifying Headphones in Hong Kong with ADventure Tramcar Tour
To showcase their exciting new product, Dyson invited guests and customers to hop aboard the specially designed Dyson Zone themed Tramcar and fully immerse themselves in the technology by trying on the headphones. 


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