To connect the brand with younger generation in Hong Kong, the Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has invited its Art Provocateur, New York-based street artist Alec Monopoly to paint live on Tram Body. TAG Heuer demonstrated its ingenuity and innovation by turning a Tramcar into a canvas for the street artist’s unlimited imagination. The graffitied Tramcar featuring his iconic Monopoly man and Richie Rich traverses the prime shopping and commercial areas on Hong Kong Island. It successfully grasps the attention of passersby especially the millennials and brings excitement to the city.
From the streets to a tram, from a tram to a watch, Alec’s unceasing imagination and his characteristic masterpieces show no boundary. It is the first time Alec drawing on the shell of a tram, the tram will travel through Hong Kong Island to promote the #DontCrackUnderPressure spirit of TAG Heuer as well as bringing new colours to this concrete jungle. Christina KwanMarketing Manager
LVMH Watch & Jewellery Hong Kong Limited