To promote the new McQueen Graffiti, British fashion house Alexander McQueen turns Hong Kong into its stage by running an avant-garde Tramcar Parade through the heart of the city.

As the brand continues with the global guerrilla marketing campaign, it applies the bold and unmissable brushstrokes wordmark onto different mediums. The McQueen Graffiti is seen at unconventional spots at city centres in fashion capitals around the world, seemingly appeared overnight from nowhere as graffiti artists do so often.

The fully wrapped Circus Tramcar and Bright Ring Tramcars embossed with their simplistic black & white motif serve as an outstanding attention grabber for Alexander McQueen, even without a call for action or any additional information attached to the graffities.

McQueen’s Tramcar Parade runs across Hong Kong Island on Saturday evenings, bringing in maximum exposure from fashion lovers on their weekend shopping breaks in prime retail and commercial areas of Central, Admiralty and Causeway Bay.
Alexander McQueen Graffiti Tram Anson Lo

 Alexander McQueen collaborated with top KOLs to promote the new McQueen Graffiti Tramcars.