Cigna, the global health insurance company, has become the first client in Hong Kong to unveil the brand new illuminating “Bright Ring Tram” for its health insurance product promotion under the government-endorsed Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme.

The flush mounted LED panels on Tram exterior create an eye-catching way to display Cigna’s brand name and their key message, effectively capture attentions from everyone when the tram passes by. With Bright Ring Tram, Cigna’s message is even more visible and startling at night, standing out on the moving Icons of Hong Kong.

This “Bright Ring Tramcar” and a fleet of traditional format Signature trams run through the bustling CBD on Hong Kong Island, along with shopping districts and key residences. This ensures a high frequency of exposures to their key message “Make the right choice for your health” (與您為健康 做好選擇). And to reinforce their commitment and focus on health and medical insurance (一直專注做好醫保).
The illuminating nature of the Bright Ring Tram caught our attention with its potential to create strong visual impact and deliver our brand and product message to a wide audience. The bright, moving message effectively captured the public’s attentions and created conversations. Ramsy Yeung Chief Marketing Officer
Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Company Limited and
Cigna Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited