The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals forms a program of sustainable, universal, and ambitious developmental goals, designed toward achieving a better and more sustainable future. In support of this urgent call for action, JCDecaux Cityscape and Hong Kong Tramways leverage the impact of Tramcar Advertising to host the #GrowAGreenCity campaign to inspire the community, to live sustainably and support sustainable long-term growth.

Asset managers including Pictet, Schroders and environmental protection enterprise - Everbright Environment owned #GrowAGreenCity Themed Tramcars to advocate building a sustainable future.  
#GrowAGreenCity Tramcar - Schroders

Support long-term growth of the Icons of Hong Kong

Sustainable Development is not just about improving the environment. Its focus is so much broader - Grow a green City is about making a positive impact by transforming our every move to make informed decisions in favour of environmental integrity, economic viability, and a just society for present and future generations. 
Since JCDecaux was founded in 1964, the vision and the purpose of our business model has been clear: designing and providing convenient solutions funded by advertising for the public, thus finding shared economic and social values that can be beneficial to cities and communities. 
JCDecaux Cityscape has been operating Tramcar Advertising for over 15 years. The Tramcar is regarded as a historical icon of Hong Kong which holds a unique place in the hearts of the Hong Kong public. The environmentally friendly fleet of timeless beauties is dressed up with colourful visuals to enrich Hong Kong’s cityscape and brighten people’s lives, while the financial benefits help to preserve the city’s heritage and back its long-term growth.

Invest for a Sustainable Future

With #GrowAGreenCity Themed Tramcars, asset managers including Pictet, Schroders and environmental protection enterprise - Everbright Environment highlighted the idea of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments which will have positive financial and societal implications. The wave of Green wrapped Tramcars invites potential investors to consider the wider consequences their investment decisions will have, for their portfolios and for society as a whole.
#GrowAGreenCity Tramcar Everbright Environment