HKU SPACE is the largest provider of part-time legal education in Hong Kong, with more than 10,000 alumni who have leveraged the School as a fast track to successful legal and business careers both in Hong Kong and around the world.
To promote the international nature of its Law programmes, HKU SPACE arranged for the exterior of a fleet of Tramcars to be adorned in striking blue and orange colours with both the HKU SPACE LAW brand name and the key message of “Law for a Global Career”. 
These branded Tramcars traverse the bustling CBD on Hong Kong Island to provide a high frequency of exposure to adult learners interested in the global pathways offered by HKU SPACE’s Law programmes.

The School is also running a “Snap a selfie of the HKU SPACE Law Tramcar” contest on social media. You can snap and share Tramcar selfie photos as a public post on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #HKUSPACELaw. The winner with the best selfie will receive a limited-edition miniature replica of the HKU SPACE Law Tramcar. 
HKU SPACE has a huge advantage in attracting students to study law due to our 60-year proven track record in Hong Kong. There’s no better way of reinforcing that message than by colourfully decorating iconic Ding Dings and using the slogan “Law for a Global Career” to highlight the multiple pathways we provide to successful careers all over the world. Danny GittingsAssociate Head/College of Humanities and Law