Celebrating the 10th anniversary of serving in Macau, ICBC (Macau) organized the “ICBC (Macau) 10th Anniversary Charity Run 2019” which aims to raise funds for local charity to help those in need while also promoting the idea of a healthier city through running. The Charity Run was held on a Sunday Morning on 5th May 2019 at the Sai Van Lake Square next to Macau Tower. The Charity Run includes a 9km Power Run, 6.5km Happy Run and a 2.5km Family Run, with a total of more than 1,500 participants. Runners competed in timed races around Sai Van Lake through multiple checkpoints.

For the first time ever in Macau, ICBC (Macau) took the advantage of the visibility and impact provided by the largest street furniture network in Macau and placed supportive visuals across multiple City Information Panels, Digital Frames and Bus Shelters, both throughout the course and in the city. Runners are encouraged to keep on running by motivational messages on these formats and by ICBC (Macau) staff members, acting as cheerleaders. The overall mood is heightened during the Charity Run while the ICBC brand image is further reinforced by this campaign.

We here at ICBC (Macau) want to celebrate our 10th year serving Macau in the most memorable and meaningful way possible, while benefiting those who’re in need. Teaming up with JCDecaux provided us with the access to street furniture, which proves to be a powerful tool in cheering our charity runners and boost the ICBC brand. Wanda WongDeputy Head of Executive Office
ICBC (Macau)