To celebrate the opening of its Hong Kong flagship, the Italian luxury brand Moncler unveils a citywide launch. Dubbed “Destination Hong Kong”, Moncler leverages Icons of Hong Kong, Tramcar to be part of the city activation.

Moncler is the first advertiser to run the ADventure Tram campaign.  The brand decorates a fleet of Tramcars in bold and clean style both inside and outside. Numerous 19-inch tall figurines of its brand ambassador, Mr. Moncler are debuted on the upper deck of the Tramcars.

The Tramcars with outstanding outlook run through prime shopping and commercial districts on Hong Kong Island which successfully catches the eyes of millennials.
Tram undoubtedly is a true cultural icon of Hong Kong. It is an ideal medium perfectly in line with our theme “Destination Hong Kong” and helped raise awareness of our new flagship launch. Moncler Asia Pacific Ltd