Studio City Macau has turned into an exciting and energizing world of Japanese cartoons. Anime Heroes of Studio City’s very own Sacred Alliance are featured across the citywide Macau Street Furniture Network including Digital Frames and 6-Sheet Panels to invite locals and tourists to help them defeat evil by collecting the energy of joy.

Digital Frames serves as an engaging platform for lively cartoon characters in seamlessly smooth animations promote different signature features of Studio City Macau, aiming to revive visitors’ passion for anime as they play, dine and shop. On 6-Sheet Panels, passers-by can interact with the visual by scanning the QR code on the artwork for more information about the limited-time experiences available during the campaign.
Studio City Macau Go Anime Bus Shelter
Most of us were influenced by Japanese cartoons at one point in our lives. This campaign serves as a reminder of that wonderful feeling. We hope to capture people’s attention and have them immerse themselves in the joyous energy of our events. JCDecaux provided a network with excellent coverage for that purpose. Casey ChanDirector of Brand & Marketing Management
Melco Resorts & Entertainment