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Bus Shelter Network

As the exclusive operator of Bus Shelter Advertising across Hong Kong Island, owning a campaign on the high density JCDecaux Cityscape Bus Shelter Network means an optimal exposure to both pedestrian and vehicular audiences mix you have in mind. 

Our strategically placed 300+ strong Bus Shelter Network creates daily reach to high-income business people from Central and Admiralty, fashion lovers in Causeway Bay, and urban dwellers residing in high-end residential developments.

Digital Frame Network

Our network of sixty-nine 75" Full High-Definition screens located in prime commercial districts, including Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Central, Wan Chai, North Point and Quarry Bay, have smart scheduling applied to maximize the reach of relevant demographic and lifestyle groups.

For seeking big impact, JCDecaux Cityscape Digital Frame Network offers the capabilities to communicate with city goers, based on the weather, time/day of week, financial information and many more triggers, thus creating stronger, longer lasting connections through topical and contextual content.

69 Digital Frames on 24 Shelters
9M Daily Impressions

Flagship Domination

JCDecaux Cityscape gives brands the possibility to dominate an entire shelter or boldly own an array of shelters.  Shelter Domination delivers significant visual impact and unmissable exposure to fascinate passersby. 

Strategically located Shelter Dominations enable concentrated targeting on different demographic groups, including millennials, business elites and fashion shoppers.

Digital Domination

With the inclusion of three 75" Full High-Definition touch-enabled screens, Digital Domination allows for greater flexibility on the implementation of more creative and innovative campaigns, such as interactive games or contextually engaging messages, even the possibility to include custom data triggers for a highly attractive and vocal campaign.

Located in the high traffic portion of Causeway Bay next to SOGO department store, Digital Domination is the perfect showcase for brands and products to be presented in a lively way.

Creative Shelter

JCDecaux Innovate is dedicated to the creation of bespoke outdoor solutions tailored to achieving our client's advertising objectives. We will take a marketing objective from its concept to an on-street reality.  Our innovate campaigns delight people in their city journey and help advertisers to create strong marketing impact.  Explore for more initiatives here! Tell us your next wild idea. 

Advertising Formats

Bus Shelter Advertising comprises myriads of advertising formats to meet with every customised need.

Flagship Domination
Digital Domination
Première Panel
Scrolling Première Panel
Digital Frame
4-Sheet Panel

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