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JCDecaux Data Solutions

JCDecaux Data Solutions is a portfolio of global and local data solutions that enable advertisers to maximise the power of their media investment. 
The data-driven solutions cover the entire journey of your media buy , from optimised campaign planning to engagement and finally measuring campaign impact.

3 Core Pillars

JCDecaux Data Solutions has been built around 3 core pillars, designed to help advertisers achieve their marketing objectives and creating an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions connecting the dots between marketing and business results.

ENHANCE YOUR PLANNING WITH DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTSOptimise media planning, content delivery and creativity to maximise impact on your target audience.
CREATE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES THROUGHOUT THE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLEConnect your audience more effectively and efficiently to create memorable and engaging experiences.
ASSESS THE IMPACT OF YOUR STRATEGYEvaluate campaign performance and measure against your desired KPIs.


OOH Planner

JCDecaux has partnered with Adsquare, a global leading audience and location intelligence platform to offer the OOH Planner. The OOH Planner is a pre-planning tool that identifies where your target audiences are.  It uses JCDecaux market’s local data and Points-Of-Interest for your audience-based network planning to minimize wastage and improve ROI.

Based on the data-driven insights, JCDecaux Cityscape has decided the following Audience Targeting Packages  to deliver the highest reach of relevant demographic or lifestyle groups. 

Investment & Insurance
Shopping Lovers
Sports & Health-Conscious


DYNAMIC ADS. Contextually relevant content to drive deeper memorability.

Within our DOOH inventories, data can be used to enrich advertiser’s ad, creating engaging experiences to audiences.

Data feeds including Time of Day, Weather, Financial Information allowing advertisers to deliver contextually relevant content for their target audience, driving higher brand awareness, recall and perception. 

AXA Brings Real-Time Currency Exchange Rate in Dynamic Digital Bus Shelter Campaign
Covering the busiest CBDs in Hong Kong, Digital Frames receive live foreign exchange rate data from a financial portal for major currencies. 


Out-of-home media has its advantage of being the advertising format that consumers can’t skip, though it is difficult to measure its performance.

Audience Measurement

With the introduction of OOH Measurement,  JCDecaux Cityscape can effectively measure interactions with millions of mobile audience every day to provide post-campaign analytics to our advertisers, with the objective of giving a deeper insight on our OOH network.  

We can provide quantifiable campaign KPIs such as Impressions, Reach, Frequency, CPM. 


Audience Research

Research on audiences is carried out to give a better understanding on audiences’ responds after your OOH campaign launch.  With our expertise around the world,  we can provide the surveys which cater different objectives from brand tracking to market analysis, even creative testing. 

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