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JCDecaux Cityscape's comprehensive mix of street level advertising formats connects with millions of on-the-go audiences every day to create brand awareness and deliver unmissable exposure for brands.

Gaining Trust and Awareness


Brands with presence on a prime medium such as street level Out-Of-Home would more likely be associated with premium quality. Campaigns on these platforms render an enhanced brand value and trust in the consumer’s mind.

Amplified Reach


Network buying enables connection with desirable urban audiences at scale in desirable CBDs, helping to achieve the ultimate brand eminence.



With major presence next to high-end flagship stores, department store and shopping malls, OOH provides the ideal channel to tap on key moments on the consumers’ path to purchase, crucial in inspiring their buying decisions.

Last Window of Influence


Thanks to its physical proximity to retailers, OOH is the dominant media that influences consumers within 30 minutes of their purchase. 83% of consumers recall OOH ads during that 30-minute window, while 11% made a purchase in a physical shop as a direct result of seeing an OOH ad.

pDOOH: Deliver Highly-targeted Campaigns driven by Data


JCDecaux Cityscape's first-class Hong Kong Digital OOH inventories are now available for programmatic trade.
Programmatic OOH enables measurable, transparent, highly-targeted campaigns by utilizing geolocation data to trigger advertiser's ad messages on our best Digital Frames in near real-time based on consumer behaviour and audience mobility patterns.