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N°1 Worldwide in Street Furniture517,800 Advertising Panels
N°1 Worldwide in Transport Advertising379,970 panels
N°1 Worldwide in Airport Advertisingin more than 160 Airports
N°1 in Europe in Billboard Advertising136,750 Advertising Panels
N°1 Worldwide in Self-Service Bike Rental SchemePioneer in eco-friendly mobility

JCDecaux Cityscape | Innovative Outdoor Media Company at Street Level in Hong Kong and Macau

JCDecaux Cityscape is a subsidiary of JCDecaux Group, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide.

In Hong Kong, JCDecaux Cityscape operates Bus Shelter Advertising since 1993 and Tramcar Advertising for over 17 years.  From May 2022, JCDecaux Cityscape has expanded its footprint in Tram Shelter Advertising.  With the introduction of its exclusive Audience Intelligence Solution, JCDecaux Cityscape can effectively measure real time interactions with millions of mobile audience every day to accompany the most demanding brands in their quest to measure performance. 

In 2021, we have brought outdoor advertising to a new arena of programmatic trading to further optimise campaign efficiency and ad dollars based on data and integrate omni-channel marketing strategy.

In the past three years, the Company also launched successively its Digital Frame Bus Shelter Network with 70+ screens at prime locations on Hong Kong Island and then introduced the first fleet of illuminated Tramcars, to keep on providing advertisers with the most innovative and outstanding media platforms for showcasing their brands.

Operated under a joint venture with long-established Macau company HN Group, JCDecaux Macau focuses on the largest Street Furniture network in Macau with over 300 advertising panels.

JCDecaux Macau has been operating the Street Furniture Advertising for 20 years, to build, market and maintain the Street Furniture assets in Macau. Over the years, the company has sought to improve and diversify its product range, from standard 6-Sheet panels at Bus Shelter and City Information Panel (CIP) to Scrolling 6-Sheet panels which increase visibility by drawing eyeballs and improving impact. 

With the roll out of 20 Digital Frames at prime CIP locations on the Macau Peninsula over the past few years and subsequently the first audience measurement model, the advertising network has been further strengthened with unrivalled flexibility brought upon by the digital capabilities, for incorporation of O2O marketing strategies and dynamic content 24/7.

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