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As a pioneer in the market of Hong Kong and Macau, JCDecaux Cityscape launches Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) offering in Hong Kong and Macau Central Business Districts, across our 60+ and 20 Premium Digital Frame Networks respectively.

Why pDOOH?

Deliver Highly-targeted Campaigns driven by Data

pDOOH uses a data-driven approach and focuses on targeting audiences and impressions. Its media buying is based on impressions delivered.
Programmatic creates measurable, transparent, highly-targeted campaigns by utilizing geolocation data to trigger your ad messages on our best Digital Frames in near real-time based on consumer behaviour and audience mobility patterns.


Easily Access to JCDecaux Cityscape's First-class Digital Inventory in Hong Kong and Macau


Advertisers can now trade programmatically millions of Impressions every day, by the hour, across multiple prime districts on Hong Kong Island including Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Central, Wan Chai, North Point and Quarry Bay, as well as tourist and commercial areas in Macau via VIOOH, our Supply Side Platform (SSP).


In Hong Kong, VIOOH has already connected with three demand-side platforms (DSPs) including Hivestack, The Trade Desk and Yahoo, with more to follow.
Hong Kong

Quick Activation and Increased Buying Flexibility


Buying process and ad scheduling are made through one online platform.  Once parameters are set to define campaign outreach, the rest is automated.  As real-world conditions are keep changing, you can easily optimize your strategy in near real-time.

Optimize Omni-Channel Strategy


By bringing the DOOH planning and buying process into the same platform where online and mobile live, you can execute the omni-channel campaigns via the same DSP.
The retargeting capacities of pDOOH allows you to reach audiences that have been exposed to your pDOOH ads and retarget them across other digital channels such as social media and display ads. The frequency of brand exposures through multiple touch points within a short period of time creates memorable brand experience.


Our Digital Inventory



Strategically located in Prime Commercial and Shopping Districts on Hong Kong Island to connect Premium Audience



69 Digital Frames on 24 Shelters

7M Daily Impressions

Outside Landmark, Central
Outside Hong Kong Central Library, Causeway Bay
Gloucester Rd nearby Malaysia Hse, Wan Chai



Strategically placed in Key Tourist and Commercial Areas to reach both Tourists and Locals



20 Digital Frames

1M Daily Impressions

Ruins of St. Paul's
Senado Square
Dynasty Plaza




VIOOH is our exclusive SSP (Supply-Side Platform) which provides a leading global digital out of home marketplace. It has already actively traded programmatically across 13 markets and has over 30 DSP partnership agreements globally.


Our DSPs

With more to come...

Trading Model

JCDecaux Cityscape's first-class digital inventories are now available to be traded programmatically through a private marketplace (PMP).


Our Programmatic Trading Ecosystem

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