Colgate Naturals BSN888
Colgate crowd

 To raise the awareness of its new Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh Toothpaste, Colgate engages passersby with a selfie photo booth at one of the busiest Bus Shelters in front of SOGO in Causeway Bay. Dubbed “Healthy Smiles powered by Nature”, passersby are invited to take a selfie with big smile and say the words “自然” (means natural) loudly in front of creative panel. The bigger the smile, the more the lemons appear on screen.  By scanning the QR code, passersby can download the photo and share the selfie on social media. The bus shelter also encompasses lemon aromatic dispenser to enrich the Naturals' sensorial experience. What’s more, Colgate invited the Canto-pop duo Shine to the Flagship Shelter to officiate the selfie booth. The pop-up event successfully attracted a crowd of people and created a buzz in town.
"The abundance of bus transportation and high footfall areas make Bus Shelter a cost-efficient and impactful medium. With the popularity of selfie, we transformed Bus Shelter into a visual & aromatic sensorial selfie photo booth to interact with our target audience. The creative execution fits perfectly with the unique selling proposition of our product. Fiona LeungBrand Manager, Colgate-Palmolive (HK) Ltd