The Glenlivet - Single Malt Speyside Scotch Whisky, owned a wide array of formats to show that they have never been afraid to mix things up. “Original by Tradition”, The Glenlivet’s new campaign shows that The Glenlivet tradition is breaking traditions, both in whisky and in culture in order to move things forward and set new standards, which is perfectly mirrored in the owning of the Digital Domination in Causeway Bay, a piece of tradition-breaking street furniture, of which incorporated synchronized Digital Frames, along with a 2D bottle of 12 year old Scotch Whisky die-cut on the Sheltertop to receive the WOW factor in its fullest extent.

Beside the use of Digital Domination, The Glenlivet campaign also owned Premiere Plus, Premiere Panels and Signature Tramcars, to further project its brand presence across Hong Kong Island, especially in the high patronage prime districts of Central, Wan Chai and Admiralty.