Highlighting the health benefit and convenience of jump rope skipping ideal for urban dwellers, Red Bull owned a Digital Domination in Causeway Bay and turned it into an AR Jump Rope Challenge. The creative execution utilizes a motion sensor to capture the jumping motion of participating passersby and feeds the data into an AR Jump Rope Skipping program. 

Participants of the AR challenge earn their wings by combining results of their 20 second sessions towards a collective goal of 283,000 skips, equivalent to skipping around the entire coastline of Hong Kong.  The gaming nature of this campaign appeals to many passersby, especially young adults looking to skip their way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Red Bull Wings Team will also energize passing shoppers with a can of ice cold Red Bull.

Throughout the duration of the Red Bull campaign, the Causeway Bay Creative Digital Domination contributed over 11,000 skips to the overall goal and encouraged thousands to a healthier lifestyle.