Shiseido teamed up with JCDecaux Cityscape in Anessa’s summer campaign to implement Smart Content into the Digital Domination. The result is a Bus Shelter that provides live Ultraviolet Exposure Alerts to passers-by and tourists, reminding them to stay away from the damaging UV rays.

Alternatively, Anessa’s line of UV sunscreen products offer the strongest UV protection, SPF 50+, equivalent of SPF++++, which is the highest rating by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
The Digital Domination located in front of SOGO in Causeway Bay monitors UV data provided by the Hong Kong Observatory. For each UV exposure level an appropriate artwork is dynamically displayed on the trio of high-resolution Digital Frames. With the fully-wrapped domination, pedestrians and passengers are well engaged by the Anessa brand and its line of multipurpose high-performance UV protection products.
Shiseido Anessa Digital Domination Bus Shelter uses Live UV Index