Teamed up with JCDecaux Cityscape, personal loan provider WeLend has launched the first Digital Domination Bus Shelter campaign with interactive game at a high traffic location in Causeway Bay.

To highlight the new consumer benefit “raising credit rating” of its A.I Balance Transfer product, WeLend engages passersby with Raising Credit Rating Challenge. Taking a helicopter ride with celebrity, Lin Min-Chen becomes the biggest attraction of the game. To win the trip, participants have to repeatedly tap the screen within 10 seconds, with faster presses gaining higher ratings. The highest scorer will get the trip.  The digital upward panel, the helicopter ride and the whole game flow are perfectly in line with the brand's creative concept.

The only JCDecaux Cityscape’s Digital Domination is located nearby SOGO, Causeway Bay.   The domination is outfitted with three 75” HD touch screens which allows advertisers to apply interactive game, video and image flow to showcase the brands and products in a lively way.